D.A.N.C.E Why Not?

Welcome to D.A.N.C.E  (your) blog and your community where you can hang out, join the party and the conversations on successfully dancing in life. You will enjoy  PS…PS (which stands for Perfectly Said, Preferable Short™) messages. When you see PS you might think of this as meaning “postscript.” For a moment, think about writing a letter to a very dear friend and you forgot to tell them something very important, and it didn’t warrant you starting the letter over or writing an additional letter. Before closing, you wanted to say one more thought, an extra ending, short, sweet, precise and to the point. This is what you will get when you read the D.A.N.C.E blog post. So I say to you, my very special friend…..

Life is so valuable, and I so appreciate you as a reader. Most of us have very busy and sometime chaotic lives. This blog post is to give you your (PS….PS) Perfectly Said, Preferably Short™, mini messages that can ignite you to be better (not bitter), be greater (not grimmer) and have a more productive and energized day, moment and life.

You Can + Will Dance!
You Can + Will Dance!

Allow me to introduce my platform, it is titled D.A.N.C.E. this acronym stands for YOUR “Determined Action Now Creates Energy™.”  Why DANCE? Great question, I like to say, Why NOT? See life is a dance, so in life you must dance. Sometimes you will lead and other times you will follow. Perhaps you are following right now, but you so desire to lead. Oh, how I can feel your pulse and hear your heart beat. So many times I have walked in the shoes of a follower, as an employee, a child and serving as a volunteer. Some of these experiences were pleasant and some not so!

In the other role as the leading lady, a servant leader, as an entrepreneur, a parent and a role model; I soar and excel. All of these positions are known as leadership roles. Taking a leading position is how I “DANCE” in life, it is my happiest place and space. Enjoyment is best expressed when I stay in my lane, and when other stay in their lane and do them and allow me to do me. This blog is about showing you how to take the time to embrace that moment when you are able to unlock your passion and live the life you were destined to live! What will make you dance, what makes your heart sing and what would you do in life if there were no limits, boundaries in time, money or abilities? Let’s explore together and take this journey to DANCE and have a whole (holistic) life that is full of passion, purpose and pleasure!

Life is a process, my DANCE was and still is a journey (Rome was not built-in a day and neither was my story), I hope you will stay the course and enjoy the PS…PS (Perfectly Said, Preferably Short) messages so you can D.A.N.C.E. daily in your life.  Tell me how you are Dancing in life? What’s on your mind, join me and continue the dialog on Twitter…Facebook. Remember, it’s all about you, your life and YOUR D.A.N.C.E!